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First and foremost, KPMG has developed the Flex Reward Tool to make the complex world of cafeteria and mobility plans transparent. The tool is always updated with all the latest, relevant legislation. The tool is therefore always compliant with (para)fiscal and legal requirements.

When implementing a cafeteria and/or mobility plan, KPMG always takes all the relevant aspects into account. Only when social law, personal income tax, social security, corporate income tax, VAT and accounting aspects are taken into account can there be an effective and sustainable cafeteria plan.

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Budget, mobility and dashboards

Moreover, the Flex Reward Tool places strong emphasis on budget neutrality. We interpret budget neutrality in the broadest sense of the word and therefore focus not only on the tax aspects, but also on the impact on other costs, such as workload, administration and the impact on tax benefits.

 In addition, the tool includes a very comprehensive car module, including TCO calculation and downgrade and upgrade modules. The tool also provides dashboards and extensive reporting so that you can always make the right decisions based on this data.

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Secure technology

Our Flex Reward Tool also offers many advantages in terms of technology. The Flex Reward Tool is an integrated SaaS solution (Software as a Service) and can be easily configured. In addition, the tool always takes maximum security and GDPR requirements into account. The Flex Reward Tool also links all data and settings with an API. This makes it easy to create interfaces with external systems. To increase the ease of use for your employees, the tool also works with Single Sign On.

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Huge flexibility

The cornerstone of the Flex Reward Tool is of course flexibility. You will find this flexibility in all modalities of the tool. The tool is fully adaptable to your distinct needs.

The tool contains a huge range of configuration options and is therefore very adaptable to your specific needs. Changes can easily be made and benefits added or modified.

In addition, the tool can be formatted in your branding: the background, colours, fonts and texts can be adjusted as desired. This way, the personal branding of your organization can easily be integrated into the tool.

The user-friendliness of the Flex Reward Tool also makes it possible to extend the tool's facilities, including the Total Reward Statement, to other countries.

What are the advantages of the Flex Reward Tool for your employees?

Besides your company, your employees can also enjoy the advantages of the Flex Reward Tool. Among other things, the tool offers a multilingual platform with an advanced user experience.

The Total Reward Statement also provides a complete and transparent overview of the complete salary and benefits package. Moreover, their net benefit is calculated in real time.

Through clear communication by way of practical information sheets for each benefit, employees make the right choices according to their needs. This results in committed and satisfied employees.



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