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Today’s smart companies are adapting their vision and looking for new ways to win in our new reality. While many things have changed, one thing stays the same: talented and committed employees often make the difference.

Making sure you find the right people to reinforce your organization, and keep them with you on your path to success, has become increasingly challenging and requires an innovative approach.

Putting your people first by tailoring what you offer to their specific needs, regardless of which phase of life they find themselves in, is what can help you stand out.

Mobility and flexible rewards

Volatile times require companies to adapt and refocus. New trends and external factors underpin the need for organizations to change the way they approach remuneration, mobility solutions and cafeteria plans.

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Increasing your flexibility in times of change

Changing employee needs, combined with changing business and work landscapes, are forcing organizations to be more agile. Moreover, the need for flexibility has been further reinforced by the COVID-19 pandemic and flexible wages and mobility are fast-becoming integral parts of our new reality.

The golden age of company cars

As organizations move away from classic car policies, alternative mobility and compensation packages become increasingly important.

KPMG Mobility and Flexble Reward Guide

How do you start offering flexible remuneration?

Transform these current challenges into opportunities and start reinventing, innovating and making the difference. Explore how to start offering flexible mobility and rewards with our practical guide and concrete steps.

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