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The web-based solution for cafeteria plans and flexible mobility solutions


The KPMG Flex Reward Tool is a web-based solution for cafeteria plans and flexible mobility solutions. A good digital platform is essential for your remuneration and mobility plan to be flexible, transparent and user-friendly. Our flexible compensation and benefits tool creates a win-win situation for employer and employee.

With the Flex Reward Tool you can offer adaptable salaries, provide customized mobility and fringe benefits and present a Total Reward Statement. The intuitive online remuneration tool can be fully personalized. The tool is adapted to what you want to offer your current and new employees and always contains the latest updates on all relevant legislation. Simple configuration and innovative interfaces automate the administrative processes for flexible renumeration.

Munten met verschillende voordelen

Flexible remuneration

Every employee has different needs. In order to remain attractive on the labor market, organizations nowadays have to meet the diverse modern needs of their workers. In today's labor market, it is therefore very important for an organization to be aware of the changing needs of employees. This enables a company to not only modernize its HR approach, but also to strengthen its employer brand. In addition, a flexible remuneration and mobility plan helps to keep companies competitive and leads to committed employees.

Our Flex Reward Tool is an online application in which employees independently compose their own salary package. Employees can consult their full compensation package, create budgets and choose different benefits. Moreover, in the user-friendly environment of the KPMG Flex Reward Tool, employees can use simple simulations to calculate the impact of their choices. This way, employees are free to manage and adjust the breakdown of their salary package according to their needs.

One less burden for your HR department

The Flex Reward Tool also automates all associated processes. This reduces the administrative burden for both your employees and your HR department. For example, certain choices are only activated and processed once the employee has uploaded all the necessary information into the tool. An appendix is then automatically added to the employee’s contract. Your HR department then only has to approve the choice.

The tool also takes all calculations for tax and social security into account. This is done is by means of innovative and very extensive interfaces with external systems from suppliers. In addition, regular software updates guarantee that all automated processes are carried out in accordance with the most recent rules and legal changes.


Customized mobility options

In many organizations there is a growing interest in the problems of mobility. The focus is increasingly on more sustainable and alternative means of getting from point A to point B. The KPMG Flex Reward Tool responds to the new mobility trends by means of a mobility budget. A mobility budget gives your employees the opportunity to choose the type of transport they prefer. A mobility budget enriches the opportunity to choose for more sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility solutions.

The Flex Reward Tool allows your employees to take their mobility into their own hands. The tool makes it easy for them to choose alternative mobility options. An employee who wants to hand in his or her company car or chooses a smaller model, will immediately see the consequences on his or her salary thanks to a handy simulation in the tool. In addition, employees can also choose, for example, to surrender a partial end-of-year bonus in exchange for other mobility options, such as a leased bicycle or scooter, a short-term car or a public transport season ticket. Moreover, different mobility combinations are also possible depending on the personal route of your employees. A mobility calendar is also available where employees can fill in how they went to work and earn incentives to use alternative means of transport.

Benefits icons

Customized fringe benefits

A one-size-fits-all solution for remuneration is outdated. The employee population is becoming more and more diverse. Employee's needs change by generation and over time. Additionally, people want to make more personal choices regarding remuneration. We are therefore noticing a growing interest among our clients in cafeteria plans that are flexible and can be fully adapted to the needs of the employees.

The Flex Reward Tool allows employees to put together the salary package that best suits their needs. That's why there is plenty of room within the tool for other forms of alternative remuneration. Think, for example, of additional IT equipment, extra-legal child benefit, pension savings, supplementary hospitalization insurance and extra holidays.

Clear communication

In addition, the Flex Reward Tool provides sufficient possibilities for clear communication. For each benefit, an explanatory and fully customizable text can be added, as well as clear and practical information sheets.

Employees know exactly what happens with their lease bike when they leave the company, or what the tax and financial consequences are if they opt for an internet connection, a smartphone or a tablet. The Total Reward Statement immediately provides a transparent overview of the full salary and benefits package. The many different benefits and the associated implications on the salary package are immediately clear. As a result, employees make informed choices and their sense of involvement increases.

Total Reward Statement Scherm

Total Reward Statement

Our Flex Reward Tool offers your employees a real-time overview of their total compensation package. Moreover, through simple simulations, employees can calculate the impact of their choices in order to make the best decisions.

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