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A flexible cafeteria plan: the way to satisfied employees

The “war for talent” is raging. The current labor market poses increasing challenges for companies to be and remain attractive employers. Organizations that want to attract and retain top talent are therefore increasingly trying to distinguish themselves by offering an attractive and, above all, flexible remuneration package:

A flexible reward package or cafeteria plan is a step in that direction. However, smart companies go one step further and give employees the freedom to adapt their package to their individual and changing needs. By focusing on those personal needs, your organization becomes a more attractive employer, which, in turn, increases the commitment of your employees.

Yet, flexible compensation plans are often time-consuming and can involve administrative, tax and legal burdens. Our KPMG Flex Reward Tool helps you to simplify that process.

KPMG Flex Reward Tool Home screen

Discover the Flex Reward Tool

A customizable and innovative online remuneration tool for your cafeteria or mobility plan.

Total Reward Statement in KPMG Flex Reward Tool

Total Reward Statement

Give your employees insight into their own remuneration package. The Total Reward Statement offers a complete, real-time overview of your remuneration package at a single glance.

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