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Award-winning support from A to Z that benefits your business and employees.

We are happy to support you and your employees in various ways in implementing your cafeteria or mobility plan. Thanks to the flexibility of our Flex Reward Tool, we can assist both SMEs and larger companies during the various implementation phases. Discover our innovative way of working and learn how KPMG can make a difference for you.

KPMG Pre-analysis Flex Reward Tool

1. Pre-analysis

During an initial workshop we will discuss the different possibilities of a flexible remuneration plan. In addition, we will be happy to provide a number of practical insights and highlight the possibilities of our Flex Reward Tool. Moreover, we immediately start with an initial legal and fiscal analysis.

Implementation process KPMG Flex Reward Tool

2. Implementation

We start with identifying your needs. Then, together, we will develop an effective implementation strategy for your cafeteria plan. We can also assist you with your communication efforts during the change process. We will be happy to provide you with a price quote for the implementation of your cafeteria plan or mobility plan. The price will depend on the complexity of the plan.

Go-live & support KPMG Flex Reward Tool

3. License & support

It is also possible to license the tool without our fiscal or legal support. The price of the license depends on the number of employees who have access to our Flex Reward Tool.

We are also flexible in terms of support. We are of course happy to help you and your organization from A to Z, but it is also possible to only use our tool and call upon our socio-legal support, when needed.

KPMG makes the difference

Our multidisciplinary KPMG remuneration team specializes in HR, communication, IT, tax, social security and labor law. This enables us to correctly map out all aspects of your cafeteria and mobility plan. Our unique approach allows us to offer you a wide range of support options.

Our flexibility combined with our expertise is our greatest asset. In that way we tailor our guidance fully to your needs. For example, our tax experts will help you with the fiscal impact of a cafeteria plan, since VAT and corporation tax also have to be taken into account. You can also count on the legal expertise of K law. They ensure that your cafeteria plan or mobility plan is legally sound.

 KPMG also has extensive experience with payroll. We have an alliance with Partena for cafeteria plans, but can cooperate with all social secretariats. Moreover, we have paid a lot of attention to the user experience concerning our Flex Reward Tool. For example, all communication is via clear “wizards” and “one pagers.”


HR Excellence Awards 2019 


In addition, KPMG developed the Flex Reward Tool entirely in-house. We also implemented the tool with our own employees and were therefore one of the pioneers in Belgium. In the meantime, we have gained extensive experience with cafeteria plans, and we have been awarded the HR excellence award for “Best Compensation, Benefits & Reward company”Find out how KPMG makes a difference for its own employees.

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