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KPMG's flexible reward expert Olivier Vanneste with HR strategy expert Tania Pittoors

Mobility reinvented

As mobility becomes an increasingly important factor in choosing or changing employers, companies can respond by offering their employees a flexible mobility and reward plan. In addition, letting employees pick their own mobility means or combination thereof, based on their needs is where you make the difference.

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K law partner Alexis Ceuterick, with expertise in HR-related legal matters

Flexible remuneration requires a multidisciplinary approach

More and more companies are using a flexible remuneration and transportation plan as part of their efforts to win the war for talent. Fringe benefits make them more attractive as an employer. This alternative remuneration requires a clear and correct framework.

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KPMG Tax & Legal Partner and expert in Flexible Rewards, Olivier Vanneste

A smart and flexible payroll and transportation plan

The war for talent is raging. Rather than employers selecting their employees, the employees are choosing which employers they want to work for. Offering tailored mobility packages is one way companies can tip the balance in their favor.

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KPMG People & Change Director Tania Pittoors, expert in HR strategy

Sustainable transportation as a weapon in the war for talent

As accessibility via sustainable mobility solutions becomes an important factor in the choice of a particular employer, organizations can create a competitive advantage in the war for talent on today's labor market, by offering a personalized mobility package.

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KPMG HR Company Car

Flex Reward in practice: 2 million kilometers less on the clock

One year after introducing the KPMG Flex Reward tool to it's employees, the results are clear. With about 2 million kilometers driven less by car, the shift in mobility solutions is clearly appreciated. In addition to leading by example, KPMG has also helped clients such as IT group Cegeka introduce their Flex Reward policy, enabling them to offer personalized salaray packages and gaining a competitive edge in today's labour market.

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Mobility made to measure

More and more employees are shopping on the labor market and mobility is often an important reason to change jobs. Moreover, sustainable mobility is becoming increasingly important in the fringe benefits offer. The solution? A flexible payroll and mobility plan. This keeps companies competitive and helps to attract and retain staff. By offering customized mobility solutions, you can differentiate yourself, stand out in the market and make the difference when trying attract and keep the right people.

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