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8 salary trends for 2021

COVID-19 will undoubtedly have a major impact on the way companies pay their employees in 2021.  In the article below, we highlight 8 trends for the coming year.

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Flex Reward: In uncertain times, flexible rewards are even more important

In a rapidly changing world, the importance of flexible rewards is growing. Changing employee needs, combined with changing business and work landscapes, are forcing organizations to be more agile. Moreover, the need for flexibility has been further reinforced by the COVID-19 pandemic and flexible wages and mobility are fast-becoming integral parts of the future.

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HR update webinars on cafeteria plans, mobility and social law

In April 2020 our KPMG experts on mobility, flexible rewards and cafeteria plans organized several online sessions. They presented the latest updates for HR professionals and provided key insights on how to implement these.

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KPMG in the media: Reflex Tool, a tool to manage your salary package

In order to offer their employees more flexibility in their compensation package, KPMG has developed "Reflex Tool". An application through which employees can compose their own salary package autonomously.

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