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New circular published around working from home

It's now clear that employees will also work from home on a regular basis post-COVID. However, there are still discussions around the reimbursement of certain expenses and the provision of homeworking equipment. Tax authorities are now trying to clarify the matter with the new Circular 2021/C/20 on employers' contributions for homeworking that has taken effect on 1 March 2021 and has been approved by the NSSO.

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HR update webinars on cafeteria plans, mobility and social law

In April 2020 our KPMG experts on mobility, flexible rewards and cafeteria plans organized several online sessions. They presented the latest updates for HR professionals and provided key insights on how to implement these.

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K law partner Alexis Ceuterick, with expertise in HR-related legal matters

Flexible remuneration requires a multidisciplinary approach

More and more companies are using a flexible remuneration and transportation plan as part of their efforts to win the war for talent. Fringe benefits make them more attractive as an employer. This alternative remuneration requires a clear and correct framework.

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