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A complete, real-time overview of your salary package in the Flex Reward Tool.

It’s important that flexible remuneration is fully embedded in a broader HR and business strategy. As an employer, you must therefore be able to frame flexible remuneration within a clear, overall vision. This means, among other things, that you communicate clearly and transparently with the employees about their remuneration and mobility package. Our Flex Reward Tool with the integrated Total Reward Statement helps you on your way.

The Total Reward Statement immediately provides a transparent overview of the full salary and benefits package. In addition to flexible remuneration and mobility, employees usually already have a very comprehensive remuneration package. Nevertheless, many employees still do not have a clear picture of the total salary package and related benefits. For example, it is difficult to get a clear overview of the value of certain insurances. The Total Reward Statement is fully integrated in the tool and gives your employees a clear real-time overview of their total reward package. 

Total Reward Statement

A clear real-time overview

The Total Reward Statement always provides an up-to-date overview of all remuneration elements. Your employees can consult their salary elements per category and see the rating of each category. As an employer, you can make it clear that certain categories, such as insurances, also have an important value in relation to remuneration in cash. For example, you can point to less obvious wage elements, such as training, IT infrastructure or a company restaurant.

Your remuneration and chosen benefits

Moreover, the Total Reward Statement is very flexible. For example, benefits can easily be added or modified. The data in the Total Reward Statement can also easily be set at the appropriate level of a legal entity, a user group or an individual employee.

With the Flex Reward Tool and the Total Reward Statement, KPMG simplifies the complex world of flexible compensation and mobility plans for you and your employees.

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